Ergobaum 7G Royal Crutch

State-of-the-Art Crutches: Ergobaum Crutches are the most advanced crutches available. Designed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon, using medical grade materials, Ergobaum Crutches are unsurpassed in form and function, featuring shock absorbers, LED lights, knee-resting platforms, adjustable grip angle position options, adjustable height options, safety light reflectors, ergonomic padded grips and cuffs, & more.

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If you have suffered an injury that requires you to use crutches, you know that getting around will not be easy or comfortable. But what if you could use crutches that worked with your body?

  • Crutches that are designed for maximum ease and comfort, and look good too.
  • Crutches that are created by an orthopaedic surgeon, with the patient’s functionality, as well as healing, in mind.
  • Crutches that are made to reduce friction and pain using a patented Ergocap High-Performance tip, and a patented shock absorber in the lower part of the crutch.
  • Crutches made with a unique handle design that is both cushiony and strong, allowing for a comfortable grip with less stress on the hand and upper body.

Ergobaum Crutches are equipped to facilitate the recuperative process as well as accelerate patient recovery.

Product Description

Ergobaum – advancing the technology of crutches for your comfort and mobility.

A new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance, Ergobaum Crutches improve the quality of life for those needing to use walking devices – either for a temporary injury or for a chronic condition.

With Ergobaum Crutches, you no longer have to suffer from hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain. If you have felt inconvenienced and awkward using standard crutches, you can finally have some conveniences and accommodations that make getting around easier for you. Ergobaum Crutches are the new standard. The sleek, ergonomic design is elegant in its practicality as well as appearance.

  • Includes AG13 alkaline batteries—can also be replaced with LR44, G13, or SR44w batteries (not included).
  • Measures 86 x 23 x 10 cm
  • Each crutch weighs 1.27kg

Who Can Use It

Intended Use
  • Adults from 152cm (5’) to 198cm (6’6”) are suitable for this product.
  • Advanced crutch design with double shock absorbers designed to provide a comfortable walking experience. Intended for weight-bearing users and non-weight-bearing users.
  • Users that can carry more than 1.4kg per arm are perfect for this crutch
Weight Limitations
  • Intended for adults who can carry more than 1.4kg per arm.
  • Supports up to 163kg.
  • Each unit weighs approximately 1.3kg (2.7kg per pair).

Design Features

  • Shock absorbers in the tip of the crutch and in the grip handle.
  • Comes equipped with Ergocap High Performance tips (0.3kg per tip).
  • This crutch was designed to provide a comfortable gait on crutches while reducing secondary injuries associated with crutch use.


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